download mp3 songs

It is no longer an open secret that the videos we see on YouTube cannot be downloaded. However, you don’t need to worry because now there are many YouTube song download applications that can be used as an option.

This application to download songs from YouTube will certainly help us to convert videos to MP3 form to change any format as desired. Actually, the way this application works is simple, because we only need to copy the URL link of the YouTube video.

There are many applications that we can use to download mp3 audio, one of which is, usually called just Mp3 Juice. You only need a browser and the title of the song or video you want to download.

Best YouTube Song Download Application. If you are confused about which application to use, here are some application options, including:

  1. MP3 Downloader

Another option for downloading YouTube songs is MP3 Downloader. MP3 Downloader has a number of interesting features that can be used by users.

Users can listen to many songs from the YouTube application and then download them on their mobile phones. Later, songs can be played offline in MP3 Downloader. Here are the steps to use MP3 Downloader:

  •     First, download MP3 Downloader
  •     Find the song you want to download
  •     Then click the download song icon on YouTube
  •     Users can directly listen to songs offline, for free.
  1. ClipGrab

The next application choice is ClipGrab. Actually, ClipGrab is a special application for computer devices. Not only downloading videos, ClipGrab also has a feature that can convert from video to MP3.

You can download this ClipGrab application on softonic, but this application can only be downloaded starting from Windows 10.

  1. MP3-now

If you want to download YouTube songs to songs without an application, the website can be used as an option. One of them is MP3-now. As mentioned earlier, actually, MP3-now is a site.

MP3-now is a highly recommended site because it’s so easy and fast. There are various options that MP3-now has, one of which is converting videos to MP3 format.

Users can also choose to keep the video clip as original, or download the MP4 version, so that users can enjoy it anytime without using internet data. Here are the steps to use MP3-now:

  •     Open YouTube and select the video to download
  •     Enter in MP3-now and paste the link in the box provided
  •     Press convert to get started
  •     Later the downloaded video appears, select the available quality
  •     Select download
  •     Wait a few moments later the file will be saved in the download folder.
  1. ArkTube

Another option for downloading YouTube songs is ArkTube. ArkTube is one application that is quite widely recommended. This is because ArkTube has such complete features.

By using ArkTube, users can not only download YouTube videos, but also watch videos using the playback feature. So that while downloading, users can do other activities,

Not only that, ArkTube also works by adjusting user quotas, so ArkTube can run even with minimal quota. If you want to download YouTube to MP3, you only need to change the download settings.

Unfortunately, you can’t find ArkTube on Google Playstore. So you have to search in a search engine when you want to use ArkTube.